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Jersey Channel Islands.

NSA is here to create more opportunities for our young footballers on the Island. There is an abundance of talent that continues to slip through the net due to the restrictions being on and island creates.

My names Mark Logue and I am a Sports Teacher on the Island of Jersey. I have played football for over 20 years now, playing in Ireland, England and now Jersey.

Since coming to the Island, being involved in football and teaching/ coaching juniors, I have seen how much talent there is within the football community.

This talent has been slipping through the net unnoticed, therefore I decided to create something that would provide more opportunity and provide the islands youngsters with the experience of playing against different opposition in front of professional scouts who will notice the talent on show and hopefully give them an opportunity.

Years Experience

With two decades of coaching experience, my deep knowledge of football and proven ability to inspire and develop players sets me apart to helping athletes excel in the world of football.

Talanted Individuals

I currently coach more than 10 individuals, sharing my extensive football knowledge and expertise with them.

Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 and Group Coaching sessions


The demand is there since starting we have had more than 40 enquries for our services

What We Do


Our football coaching program offers both 1-on-1 and group sessions to meet individual and team needs. Individual sessions provide personalized attention, while group sessions promote teamwork and healthy competition, ensuring players enhance their skills and performance on the field.


We offer preparation programs to ensure that you are 100% ready for the upcoming open trials. Within the programs you can choose to receive video analysis, GPS vests for your upcoming matches and a video reel that will be created from the games you are involved in locally.


we are here to create as much opportunity for you as possible. Though there are no guarantees, we promise to help provide the platform for you to be able to experience and perform in front of professional club scouts.


Within the sessions we work on Fitness testing, positional awareness, phases of play, defensive/ attacking drills and sequences.

What We Offer


Preparation programs are an option to help ensure you are in the best possible
shape going into the upcoming trial day or trials on offer.

Fitness and Strength Preperation Packages

BLUE programs are based on 1 on 1/ group fitness and strength preparation.

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Analysis Preperation Packages

GREEN programs are based on Fitness/Strength and video analysis leading up to
the trials and to then create video evidence (Reels) to send to numerous
professional clubs that we have developed links with.

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Whats Going On

Success Stories

Shana Bournemouth Trials

Well done and good luck to one of our players Shana on her upcoming trial with A.F.C Bournemouth.

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Whats Going On

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